VRHack@Cal is a Coding and Graphic Design Competition that aims to bring together the brightest minds from Berkeley, Stanford and many other bay area schools. With a goal to create more new ideas and at the same time give students immersive experience and education about Virtual Reality, we plan to organize speaker event and virtual reality hackathon in this one day event. This is a wonderful opportunity for attendees to meet with other VR engineers, companies, and learn about front-end VR software and hardware technology by interacting with leaders in the industry.

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$1,400 in prizes

HTC Vive and $500



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VRHack@Cal is open to everybody. Whether you're a backend coder, a graphic designer, or just looking to learn more about VR, all are welcome.


  • Hackers will form teams from 3-5 people and create a VR application that focuses on education.
  • Something important to note is that writing code is NOT necessary.
  • Teams can either create a graphic design showcasing their application, or create a real VR application. We suggest using Unity3D (https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials) to develop a full VR application.
  • Graphic designs should be as detailed as possible and should really showcase the "VR" parts of the application. Certain websites can help with VR prototypes (https://blog.mozvr.com/quick-vr-prototypes/)
  • Note that judging will award far more points to teams that actually create a real VR application with source code. 
  • Every team will also be responsible for submitting a powerpoint describing their application and its relevance to education, as well as a YouTube video talking over this powerpoint or showcasing the application.


Tim Kanellitsas

Tim Kanellitsas
Marketing & Education Producer at UploadVR

Ed Ow

Ed Ow
President of Fulldive

Amanda Widjaja

Amanda Widjaja
Data Engineer at Oculus

Mark Piszczor

Andy Jevsevar

Andy Jevsevar

Soh Tanaka

Judging Criteria

  • Coding Complexity
    How complex is your application? If you wrote code and have a working VR app, you will likely score full points for this section. Judges will also account for how thorough and detailed graphic designs appear.
  • Creativity
    Applications that showcase virtual reality in a unique an interesting way will be rewarded with more points.
  • Relevance to Education
    The theme of this hackathon is education so make sure your application is at least somewhat related.
  • Market Feasibility
    How good of an idea is the application. If judges can see many people using this application, more points will be rewarded.
  • X-Factor
    Up to judges discretion how they want to allot these points.
  • Graphic Design
    How thorough is the graphic design? Are there wireframes and a clear walkthrough of the User Interface? Does the user experience make sense? Is it intuitive?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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